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Johnson & Johnson

BE - Medical Information Expert - COVID-19 Vaccine

Posted Jan 6, 2021
Job ID: JJJP00005405
11 months
(Jan 18, 2021 - Dec 31, 2021)
40 hrs/week
Payrate range
Medical Information Expert - COVID-19 Vaccine 

Overall purpose of the job:

  • To develop and maintain deep expertise and knowledge on Janssen COVID-19 vaccine and therefore be able to act as the Global COVID-19 vaccine Medical Information expert and go-to-person for COVID-19 vaccine.
  • To handle complex enquiries escalated from the Operating Companies (or contact center responsible for customer contacts) when there is no pre-prepared answer (GCSR or LSR) available in iMK.
  • To ensure that appropriate, high quality Medical Information responses (GCSRs or LSRs) are developed, approved, maintained and made available in iMK for COVID-19 vaccine.
  • To identify information sources and input required to develop required GCSRs and LSRs to maintain a database of resources.
  • To develop, use and maintain standards for Medical Information activities and processes across the globe.
  • To monitor and evaluate use of GCSRs and LSRs in iMK to spot trends and gaps and initiate development of additional responses as required and to share relevant insights appropriately at global, regional and local level.

Main activities:

Handling complex enquiry escalations and local knowledge requests
  • Answer medical information requests coming from Global OpCos (or contact center responsible for customer contacts) within a pre-defined time line.
  • Document the service request and their responses appropriately and accurately according to the applicable established procedures.
  • Identify the specific request and its purpose and the degree of urgency.
  • Develop the response either using/updating existing materials or develop new material as needed from the literature and internal information sources and consulting internal experts.
  • Tailor responses according to their purpose.
  • Provide the response to the OpCo (or contact center responsible for customer contacts) for them to provide a response to their customer.

Ensuring that appropriate, high quality Medical Information responses are developed, approved and maintained for use by OpCos.
  • Highlight new needs for Global content to the Global Content Team.
  • Identify needs for ex-North America content and develop it according to the Global Content SOP TV-SOP-19849.
  • Report frequently asked questions to the Global Content Team so that they can develop new GCSRs as appropriate.
  • Work with global stakeholders to identify evolving customer needs.

Scientific Knowledge TA/Product Representation
  • Be recognized as, and act as, the acknowledged product expert and go to person for up to date knowledge on COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Provide input into Janssen activities at International Congresses including: pre-congress briefing, collection of Medical Information enquiries, post-congress updates.
  • Develop and maintain COVID-19 vaccine expertise by e.g. ongoing review of available literature, conference participation etc.
  • Develop and maintain good working relationships with Medical Affairs personnel working on COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Work collaboratively with EMEA, local and Global COVID-19 vaccine Knowledge Specialists to proactively share best practice, and to build a Scientific Communications centre of excellence.
  • Continuously update knowledge of COVID-19 vaccine, market trends and competitor activities, and of new developments and industry best practices in Scientific Communications.
  • Participate in appropriate professional organisations and meetings, symposia and medical programmes to maintain and improve knowledge and expertise.

Medical Information Expertise and Functional Representation
  • Build and maintain professional expertise in the field of medical information, including knowledge of appropriate industry methods, process and standards according to industry and J&J policies; builds and maintains expertise in legal, regulatory and compliance regulations/codes of conduct applicable to medical information services, including adverse event reporting, privacy laws, copyright law and laws on pharmaceutical promotion.
  • Identify and implement value adding Business process improvements relevant to Medical Information and Scientific Exchange.
  • Represent Medical Information in Company initiatives.
  • Provide Medical Information functional input into relevant SOPs and guidelines.
  • Be recognized as an iMK user.

Essential Knowledge & Skills

  • Ideally have knowledge of COVID-19 vaccine or the vaccine area as well as main competitors.
  • Excellent knowledge of Medical Information processes and technologies.
  • Able to research, identify, analyse and synthesise information from multiple data sources.
  • Medical writing expertise.
  • Able to manage multiple projects within a complex and changing environment.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Customer and market place focused with an awareness of the importance of business results.
  • Awareness of and adherence to Johnson & Johnson Credo values.
  • Fluency in English language and excellent written English skills essential.
  • Fluency in additional EMEA languages an advantage.


  • Academic background with a scientific/ medical degree essential.
  • 3+ years industry/business experience with a minimum of 2 years experience in a Medical Information or related (e.g. medical writing) role.
  • A good understanding of the varying medical practices and perspectives across the globe.

Note: This is a contracting position, with the possibility of an extension after the end date. You wil receive a contract via our partner Ausy. Ausy can offer you a contract of indefinite duration, a project contract for the duration of the assignment at J&J or a freelance contract.

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